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Why Can’t I Lose Weight – My Story

Why can’t I lose weight – If my husband had a $dollar$ for every time he heard this from me- we could retire tomorrow. Literally – lol. For YEARS I was obsessed (I’m 33 and I would say started when I was 7 or 8 -scary but true). You see, I suffered from an eating disorder ( I was diagnosed as NOS – but it was mainly bulimia and then some anorexia ). I must say, I don’t wish an eating disorder on my worst enemy. If you have a cold, you take medicine. Even extreme diseases can be cut out, healed or controlled. But an eating disorder is such a silent killer and if you have never suffered from it, one could never understand. During one of my therapy sessions, my psychologist described it as living life behind clouded glass. The outside world runs smoothly, but behind the clouded glass was me – living in a fog. Enough about that!

Why can’t I lose weight?

Lets continue to get to the answer of why can’t I lose weight? Most of the times, people can’t lose weight because….
The obvious : eating too much. We’ve all heard it before – calorie is vs calories out. But I was not a lot of calories and running like a mad woman to burn off the ones I was taking in…. So why can’t I lose weight?
The less obvious : not eating enough (What???-lol-yup) Our bodies are extremely intelligent machines. Food is FUEL, and if we aren’t giving our bodies FUEL, it holds onto what is does have – which is FAT. Yup, our bodies say “You can’t have this – I need it and I’m going to keep it”

Why can’t I lose weight?

But for me – MY reason for why can’t I lose weight – is simply “I didn’t need to” I wasted SO many minutes, hours, days, YEARS of time worrying about why I couldn’t lose weight. And the answer was so simple – I didn’t need to. I am not a small girl. Yeah, I’m short(ish) at 5’5 (ish). I’m built athletic. My husband calls it “predisposed” When he met me I was 122 lbs and completely unhealthy. I are once a day and ran to burn that off. Many years, therapy and personal development later – I’m around 140 and strong. Don’t get me wrong – I’m no chiseled bodybuilder (which id love to be) – but I am strong. Inside and out.
To end my story, a new one started! I was finally “healed” when I discovered an online group of women. We spent 90 days doing nutrition and exercise. Like heavy lifting. The scale SHOT up! I instantly gained 15 lbs. BUT through the support of the other women, I threw my scale away (literally threw it in the trash) and kept it up. At the end I was SO inspired and EAGER to SHARE my story with other people, I became a BeachBody Coach. I now run 1-2 Clean Eating Groups per month as well as a 3 week support group ran around a certain program. The MOST success I had with a program is the 21 DAY fix. On average, the challengers lost 7 LBS in 21 Days.
Lift to Overcome My mission is to share my story and help other women who maybe suffering like I did! We are way more worth than what the scale reflects.

Believe in Yourself and you’re halfway there.

Thank you for taking the time to read “Why can’t I lose weight” – My story.
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