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Free Exercise Videos


At the end of 2014, it was predicted that At – Home – Fitness would be one of the top trends of 2015 and man it has proven to be true and luckily there are Free Exercise Videos available. Thank goodness, right ? Because the act of actually purchasing something requires a lot of commitment. And these day and ages, commitment is not something a lot of people are throwing around like confetti. Face it, if you join a gym and never go, no one is calling you on the phone or knocking at the door asking bugging you to lace up your shoes and push play! But a video – it sits on the shelf and looks at you. You pass by it in a hurry, and it’s like the eyes on the front are following you – judging you.

Free Exercise Videos

Exercise videos (and the free exercise videos I will get to shortly) have really come a long way! We really need to give props to the originals. . . People like Jane Fonda, Olivia Newton John…. and …..

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Free Exercises Videos

We still need to discover where we can find free exercise videos. Some more current pioneers include The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels…. but what about the FREE VIDEO’S !!!! As we discussed above, there are the pioneers and the greats… But, hands down the LEADERS with fitness videos in BeachBody. You’ve probably heard of P90x, 21 Day Fix ? These are just two of over 50 programs BeachBody offers. Here is the BEST part! BeachBody now offers 30 DAYS FREE of STREAMING to your device (as long as it is hooked up to wifi). 30 DAYS FREE !!!!! So all of us out there with commitment issues can now TRY before we BUY! If that isn’t the most exciting news of your day – then this will BLOW YOUR MIND. With a purchase of one of their programs OR the FREE EXERCISE VIDEOS – you are assigned a personal Coach who is there for advise, support, guidance, motivation…. that is what really sets BeachBody apart from the competition.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up NOW for your 30 days of “free exercise videos” !

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