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21 Day Fix Review

When you first get into BeachBody Coaching, you have to CHOOSE a program and the 21 day fix review wasn’t my first choice!  I signed up last year – before cool ON DEMAND (12 programs streamed LIVE to your device – oh, and FREE FOR 30 DAYS) where you didn’t have to CHOOSE one program. But with that being said, me being huge into lifting – I chose BodyBeast! I LOVE BodyBeast. The drop sets and super sets Trainer Saji uses was completely new to me and I loved the way my muscles responded to this type of program. But it was difficult to get other people to commit to the BodyBeast program – especially women. Women tend to be afraid of heavy weights. I actually wrote a past post on women and the BodyBeast program – read it HERE.

Lets move on with 21 Day Fix Review

After a couple months on BodyBeast I decided my nutrition needed some attention so I went with 21 Day fix Review to see if the nutrition program worked for me! And boy – oh – boy did it EVER! I lost 6 lbs my first week! This tapered a little through out the 21 days. My “biggest loser” in the group lost 12 lbs in 21 DAYS!

This is one of my Personally Sponsored Coaches Alana with her 21 Day Fix Results!

This is one of my Personally Sponsored Coaches Alana with her 21 Day Fix Results!

I loved doing the 21 Day Fix but I really missed lifting! So back to the gym I went.

21 Day Fix Review VS. Macros Counting

I recently decided to do a bikini competition and hired a coach to help me really track my macros and I was wondering how it fit together with the 21 Day Fix review. 21 Day fix is DEFINITELY macros based! Which is what makes this plan (in my opinion) so Successful! I think the main difference is – when you have a very specific goal (ex. competition) then you need very specific macro goals!

21 Day Fix Review

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read my “21 day fix review”. In closing, as you can tell I am completely in love with the 21 Day fix program. I love how it fits into my IIFYM beliefs and allows me, as a BeachBody coach to help guide people in the right direction to meet their fitness goals!

If you are interested in the 21 Day Fix program and ME :) as your Coach, Click HERE to view the program! Upon purchase, I will respond to you withing 24 hours!

For MACROS consulting, please email and put MACROS in the subject. I will respond within 24 hours!



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